Engineering Insurance

Giving professional advice is risky business.

Not only can an Engineer be held responsible for their own mistakes on a project, they can oftentimes also end up being held responsible for the mistakes of subcontractors and others.

You’ve worked too hard building your Engineering Business to let something like a coverage gap threaten it. Engineering Insurance from Tomins is built with the needs of your specific business in mind.

Powered by Higginbotham, our coverage offers the added benefit of instant 24/7 online access to the policy documents and answers you need with the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered by one of the best in the business.

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Does an Engineer Really Need Insurance?

Whether you’re working as a sole proprietor, a firm owner, or a consultant, you need Engineering Insurance.

 As you know better than anyone, the liabilities involved with designing public spaces, consumer goods, and facilities are vast.

No one is immune to the effects of Murphy’s Law.

The last thing you need is a simple mistake threatening the viability of your Engineering business. No matter the scope of your business or the industry you work in, coverage from Tomins can help give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered.

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Engineer in black suit and yellow hardhat overlooking a large commercial construction site with rolled up plans in his hands

Essential Insurance for Engineers

While Tomins believes the unique needs of each business we serve merits a custom-tailored policy, there are a few essential coverages almost every Engineer should carry.

These include:

Engineering Commercial Property Insurance

Designed to help protect an Engineer’s physical property, office, and physical assets, this coverage is especially important for owners of Engineering firms or Engineers that operate out of an office.

Business Income Insurance for Engineers

Business Interruption insurance can help protect reimburse an Engineer for the loss of income suffered during a covered interruption of business operations. For example, if your firm’s office suffers a fire, business income insurance can help cover your lost income during the rebuild.

Engineering General Liability Insurance

 General Liability insurance is a coverage that’s important for any small business, including Engineering firms. Abbreviated as GL, general liability coverage can help cover the costs of lawsuits filed by an injured or damaged third party. Beyond legal judgments against your engineering business, general liability policies also can help cover attorney fees and administrative/court costs.

Engineering Professional Liability Insurance

Otherwise known as professional liability insurance, E & O is designed to protect an engineer from legal damages resulting from mistakes and negligence in rendering opinions or consulting. While this coverage is especially important for project managers and consultants, almost all Engineers should carry E&O insurance to limit their exposure to legal liabilities.


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Other Engineering Insurance Coverage Options

In almost every case, good engineering insurance should include all of the above coverages (commercial property, general liability, and business income.

However, if you work in an engineering consulting role or as a project manager, you would be wise to consider professional liability insurance too.

Commonly known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability insurance covers engineers against costly mistakes. Because an electrician can be held legally responsible for the mistakes of employees and subcontractors, E&O insurance is an important consideration.

Depending on the unique operations of your business, you may also require additional coverages outside of E&O and a standard BOP (Business Owners Policy). Some coverages you may want to include in your electrician insurance policy include (but certainly are not limited to): 

  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI): EPLI is designed to cover the cost of legal judgments related to hiring, termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination against employees.
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage: If you have employees, you probably need workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage can protect an electrician from legal damages an employee might seek for workplace injuries. It can also cover the cost of medical bills, wage replacement, and more for an injured employee.
  • Cyber Liability Coverage: Like E&O, cyber liability insurance is especially important if you work installing or servicing security systems. This coverage also protects you against data loss and covers costs related to restoration, legal liability, and extortion resulting from a data breach or a cyber attack compromising the personal or financial information of your customers.
  • Commercial Umbrella: This is extended coverage that protects you beyond the general aggregate limits of your standard policy.

It’s important to note that this list is far from exhaustive.

Rather, it’s here to help serve as a guideline for figuring out the coverages that make sense to you for your business. Depending on your unique business operation, some of the coverages on this list may not make sense for you to carry, while others that are not listed may.

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What Does Electricians Insurance Cost?

Much like the bids you submit to clients are dependent on the scope of work and other important factors, each Engineering Insurance quote from Tomins is constructed based on the needs of the business it’s designed for.

Understandably, quoting a price on the right coverage for you, without knowing the details of your operation would be difficult to do. Regardless, Tomins is firmly committed to getting you the right coverage at the right price.

Every time.

By taking the time to understand your situation, budget and risk exposure, we deliver coverage that makes sense for your business.

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Getting Your Engineering Insurance Quote Now

At Tomins, we’re in the business of making insurance for Engineers easy.

That said, we care too much about the businesses we serve to offer the ‘one-size-fits-all’ coverage sold by most firms.  

To minimize the chance of a coverage gap and make sure we can deliver the most accurate and competitive quote possible, please try to have the following information available before you apply:

  • Business address and tax ID 
  • Income for your most recently completed fiscal year 
  • Number of employees you currently employ
  • Information about other insurance you currently hold
  • Volume, nature, and storage method tenant or client data  
  • Proof of professional licensing and other relevant certifications or permits  
  • History of past claims (at least three years) 

Taking the time to make sure all this information is up-to-date and accurate is the best way to make sure we can provide the best quote possible.

Tomins—mindful business insurance today, successful Engineer tomorrow.

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