Power Washing Insurance

Running a power washing business is hard work. Sometimes it seems like every day brings a new challenge or threat to your bottom line.

Tomins is here to help you run your business better.

From the GL certificate you need to set foot on most commercial job sites to the worker’s comp you likely carry to protect your business against the costs of employee injuries, insurance is just as much a part of doing business as your pressure washer and truck.

Unlike many companies selling pressure washing insurance, Tomins actually takes the time to understand the business of every customer we serve, making sure we’re delivering the right coverage at the right price, every time.

You deserve an insurance partner that works as hard as you do. Tomins — the right insurance choice today.

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Does a Sole Proprietor Really Need Pressure Washing Insurance?

Even if you specialize in mobile wash and are not required to carry the General Liability coverage mandated for commercial pressure washing business owners, pressure washing insurance is always a good idea.

Consider what would happen if you accidentally sprayed a customer’s vehicle with the windows down or got too close and damaged their paint.

The legal liability of repairing damage to customer property almost always falls to the owner of the business responsible for causing it. Even if you weren’t at fault, the chance of getting sued for property damage as a pressure washing business owner is too big to ignore.

If you do residential power washing, your risk exposure practically doubles.

Not only are people’s homes much more valuable than the average vehicle, but the cost of a flood restoration or other residential damages related to power washing can also easily end topping $10,000.

The last thing you need is to get stuck paying out of pocket for an honest mistake.

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A closeup of a professional power washer's pressure washing wand spraying a weathered wooden deck to expose the fresh redwood underneath

Pressure Washing Insurance Coverages

There are many insurance coverage options available for a pressure washing business owner to consider. 
At Tomins, we are committed to learning about the needs of your unique business to help us deliver a policy that’s custom-tailored to your specific operation.
While each pressure washing insurance policy we put together is based on your specific risk exposure, there are a number of coverages that we recommend almost all power washing business owners to carry:

  1. Commercial Property Insurance: This coverage is especially important if your power washing business has a shop or a fleet with multiple rigs. Even if you’re a new pressure washer with only one power washer, Commercial Property can help give you the peace of mind of knowing your equipment is covered against loss or damage.
  2. Pressure Washing General Liability Insurance: General Liability is designed to help with the costs of injuries or damages to a third-party as a result of your business operation. Abbreviated as GL, this is a coverage almost every business should carry.
  3. Business Income Insurance: In the unfortunate circumstance of a fire or other natural disaster at your shop, Business Income or “Business Interruption” Insurance can help cover wages lost from not being able to operate.

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Other Power Washing Coverages to Think About

Depending on your unique situation, you may or may not want to add some of the following coverages to your Pressure Washing Insurance policy:

  • Equipment Breakdown: This coverage can help pay for repairs to your power washing equipment when it stops working. 
  • Employment Practices Liability: If your pressure washing business hires employees, EPLI is an important coverage to carry. This insurance can help protect against the cost of lawsuits filed for sexual harassment, improper hiring, discrimination, slander, and more. 
  • Umbrella Coverage: This coverage can protect a distillery beyond the payout limits defined in their standard policy.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Workers comp is another critical coverage for power washing companies that hire employees. This insurance can cover the costs of an injured employee, helping with everything from medical expenses to wages and legal costs.

Why You Need a Tailored Pressure Washing Insurance Policy

In addition, Tomins Pressure Washing Insurance offers fully customizable coverage for any individual situation. Our specialized Power Washing Insurance policies can also include:

  • Limited Care, Custody, or Control Property Coverage
  • Important Record and Document Coverage
  • Employee Benefits Liability Coverage

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How Much Does Pressure Washing Insurance Cost?

Much like every job you bid has a different price, the cost of Pressure Washing Insurance depends on the specifics of your power washing business and its needs.

That said, you can rest easy knowing Tomins works overtime to make sure every business owner we serve is getting the right coverage at the right price.

You deserve an insurance partner that works as hard as you do. Get your free Pressure Washing Insurance Quote today.

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What Do I Need to Get a Pressure Washing Insurance Quote?

At TOMINS, we are committed to delivering the best Pressure Washing Insurance available.

To help us deliver the most competitive and accurate quote possible, we ask that you gather the following information before you apply for coverage:

  • Business address and tax ID 
  • Income for your most recently completed fiscal year 
  • Number of employees you currently employ
  • Information about other insurance you currently hold
  • Volume, nature, and storage method tenant or client data  
  • Proof of professional licensing and other relevant certifications or permits  
  • History of past claims (at least three years) 

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