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Tomins is Personalized Business Insurance On Demand.

Running a small business is your passion, even when it pulls you in a thousand directions — any of which could mean disaster if something goes wrong. You need people, services, and products you can trust. You need solutions that make financial sense. Sometimes, more than anything else, you simply need more time in your day.

You need Tomins.

We’re small-business insurance powered by Higginbotham, with online convenience and on-the-go accessibility. Get the commercial insurance you need — trusted coverage for any situation, even for the most unusual or unique risks.

  • Immediate, real-time clarity into your coverage
  • The right insurance quotes and policies
  • The right details and people — the right way to get insurance done

Tomins — the right choice for your business.

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Regardless of the type of business you’re in, Tomins is here to help make sure you’re protected and safe with the right insurance. With online access  24/7/365, we take the headaches and hassles out of small-business insurance. You’re free to focus on what’s most important to you — running and growing your business.

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No two businesses are alike. You need the right coverage and quotes, the right policies and details — for your unique business needs. Tomins offers trusted coverage for any situation, even for the most unusual or unique risks.

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Get the right quotes and policies, and full clarity into your coverage. Tomins — the right business insurance choice.

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