Why Tomins for Your Business Insurance

The world of small business is changing. Life is moving faster. Everything seems to be getting more complicated and more interconnected. You constantly have more choices.

And of course, there’s the ongoing push to do business in the cloud — to have the ability to work with your vendors, suppliers, partners, and customers online. The world of small-business insurance plans and commercial insurance coverage is no different.

Sure, sometimes it’s easy to stay with what’s familiar. Maybe that’s the traditional, paper-based insurance agency. Maybe it’s Jerry down the street, the fellow who owns the agency you’ve always done business with because you like him and feel comfortable working with him.

Tomins was created to help small-business owners who seek trusted insurance solutions to help them optimize their businesses — to help you get more value out of your time, effort, and money.

Powered by Higginbotham

We’re small-business insurance powered by Higginbotham, the insurance leader that thousands of companies and individuals across Texas and the South Central U.S. trust today — just as they have for over half a century.

One of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokers, Higginbotham has more than 25 offices in Texas and Oklahoma, serving local, regional, and global insurance needs.

Not Just an Online Store

Some online insurance companies are just that — software platforms that decided to use their technology to sell insurance online. Other insurance companies have launched online programs and fancy websites as an adjunct to their traditional brick-and-mortar business simply to keep up with the times. 

Tomins is neither of those. We were created as an online insurance company, taking the decades of experience, expertise, and customer service developed at Higginbotham and making it accessible on a platform built just for what we do: Delivering everything your business needs to limit your risks, manage your plans, and control your costs — easily and with clarity into your coverages.

More Than an Insurance Company — an Insurance Company for Your World

The people of Tomins have two obsessions.

The first is to apply our mastery of small-business insurance to improve your world. When we see problems, we take up the challenge and find the solution.

The second is to show you we’re the best choice. Not only because of our accessible and efficient online technology, but especially if you’re a small-business owner who is always seeking better, trusted solutions to improve every aspect of your business.

Small businesses choose Tomins for:

  • Online convenience and on-the-go accessibility 
  • Trusted coverage for any situation, even for the most unusual or unique risks
  • Immediate, real-time clarity into their coverage
  • The right quotes and policies — every time
  • The right details and people

Tomins — mindful insurance today, successful business tomorrow. 

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