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Accounting for almost 98% of all U.S. companies, small businesses make America run. Tomins helps you run your small businesses better — easily and confidently.

We bring years of Higginbotham experience and expertise to support an array of businesses and industries, delivering services and products you can trust, from people you can trust.

HVAC Sales and Service

Considering all of the daily risks and liabilities you face in an HVAC business, it’s crucial to make sure you’re carrying the right insurance to protect your livelihood.

Insurance for HVAC Sales and Service

Storage Facilities

Considering the risks of storing other people’s belongings, Tomins will make sure your business has the general and specialized business coverages you need — for their property and your assets.

Insurance for Storage Facilities


Every master electrician, journeyman, and electrical contractor or manager faces daily risks that need to be protected with the right insurance coverage — from professional liability insurance to a business owners policy. 

Insurance for Electricians


Whether you own a home bakery shop or a multi-location commercial bakery chain, Tomins’ deep understanding of the industry enables us to provide the perfect business insurance policy.

Insurance for Bakeries


Whether yours is a spa or a tanning, beauty, hair, or nail salon, Tomins knows your unique insurance needs —  from the single-booth stylist to the owner of a national salon chain.

Insurance for Salons


From indemnity insurance to protection against the loss of cherished files, cameras, and other equipment, Tomins knows the unique insurance needs of videographers — from wedding photography to commercial advertising.

Insurance for Videographers


Tomins knows the risks of the restaurant business and the protection you need from foodborne illnesses, hiring compliance mistakes, on-premises injuries, and more. Our expertise ensures that you get the coverage you need.

Insurance for Restaurants

Cleaning Businesses

Whether you offer house cleaning, commercial janitorial services, or anything in between — like carpet or window cleaning — Tomins understands and covers the risks you face doing business on someone else’s property.

Insurance for Cleaning Businesses

Pressure Washing Businesses

As a pressure washing business owner, insurance is a critical part of achieving success. From your GL certificates to Commercial Property Coverage and Workers Compensation, Tomins has all the coverages you need to protect your power washers, trucks, employees and property.

Insurance for Pressure Washers


Whether you work as an independent architect, own an architectural firm, consult on commercial construction projects, or work for someone else’s firm, Tomins has the custom-tailored architect insurance coverages to protect your livelihood.

Insurance for Architects


As you know better than anyone, bar ownership is full of risks. From the unavoidable liabilities involved with serving alcohol to the higher likelihood that your establishment will see an injury or a fight, the threats that threaten your bottom line daily are considerable.

Insurance for Bars and Clubs


As the owner of a Barbershop, you understand the importance of keeping your clients happy–a great haircut can be the key to a new job, new relationship or new opportunity. While carrying great barbershop insurance probably won’t get you a date, it can give you the peace of mind of knowing your barbershop is protected. 

Insurance for Barbershops


You pour your heart and soul into brewing the best beer around. Isn’t it time you had a brewery insurance partner that works as hard as you do? At Tomins, we take the time to understand your unique business before designing a quote.

Insurance for Breweries

Catering Businesses

A catering business owner needs to manage many moving parts to make their business succeed. The risks you face daily and the needs you have for insurance are not the same as the caterer down the street. That’s why we design Catering Insurance with your specific operation in mind—freeing you up to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Insurance for Catering Businesses

Computer Repair Businesses

At Tomins, we understand that working with other people’s valuable electronics and data is risky business. Whether you specialize in phone repair, computer repair, data recovery, or all the above, the last thing you need is another thing keeping you up at night. 

Insurance for Computer Repair Businesses

Vineyards & Wineries

As a winery owner, you know more than anyone that running a winery is full of unexpected twists and turns. From a natural disaster to equipment breakdown, the path to an amazing bottle of wine is filled with obstacles.

Insurance for Wineries & Vineyards


You’ve worked too hard building your DJ business to let something like a coverage gap drag you down. DJ Insurance from Tomins is powered by Higginbotham and designed with your business in mind.

Insurance for DJs



Not only can an Engineer be held responsible for their own mistakes on a project, but they can oftentimes also end up being held responsible for the mistakes of subcontractors and others. You’ve worked too hard building your Engineering Business to let something like a coverage gap threaten it.

Insurance for Engineers

Equipment Rental

Considering the many liabilities involved with renting heavy equipment to contractors, operating without Insurance is nothing short of a recipe for disaster. At Tomins, our deep understanding of the distinctive needs of an Equipment Rental business helps us package the perfect insurance policy for your unique business.

Insurance for Equipment Rental Businesses


As a Handyman, you spend too much time fixing things for others to worry about fixing your business insurance. Tomins realized most business insurance is confusing, time-consuming and boring–so we decided to do something about it.

Insurance for Handyman Business



As a Carpenter working in the high-risk world of contracting, you probably already know how important it is to carry good insurance. At Tomins, we pride ourselves on offering Carpenters insurance designed specifically around the needs of your business.

Insurance for Carpenter


With HOA Insurance from Tomins in your corner, you can rest easy knowing your community is covered. Our seasoned team of HOA insurance experts specializes in getting you all the insurance you need, with none of the coverages you don’t.

Insurance for HOAs

Personal Trainers

As a Personal Trainer, you work hard to help others achieve their fitness goals. Isn’t it time you had an insurance partner that works as hard as you do? Personal Trainer Insurance from Tomins is custom-tailored to the needs of your specific operation.

Insurance for Personal Trainers


Rather than adhere to the one-size-fits-all approach to realtor insurance taken by most insurance brokers, we take the time to understand the unique insurance needs of every Realtor we serve.

Insurance for Realtors


We understand cameras and equipment are the lifeblood of a photography business. That’s why we take the time to design a personalized plan for every photographer we serve with that in mind. Because the last thing you need is one more thing keeping you up at night.

Insurance for Photographers


From sealing a leaking shingle to a full-on roof replacement, each day brings something new for a roofing business. You work hard to stay on top of things and keep your business safe. Isn’t it time you had an insurance partner that works as hard as you do?

Insurance for Roofing Businesses


Regardless of whether you’re just getting started or just secured your Series-C funding, your startup faces countless risks daily. Startup insurance from Tomins is designed with this truth in mind. 

Insurance for Startups


As a lawyer, you know a lawsuit can spell big trouble for a business. While we’d all like to hope that we are never faced with a lawsuit against our business, nobody is immune to Murphy’s law. Insurance for Lawyers by Tomins is designed with this in mind.

Insurance for Lawyers



Whether you’re an independent tree trimmer just getting started, or a seasoned pro with multiple crews, Tomins insurance is here to help you run your business better — online and 24/7.

Insurance for Tree Trimming Businesses

Fitness Centers

If you’re looking for Health Club or Fitness Center Insurance, you’ve come to the right place. Tomins understands that the life of a gym owner is full of unexpected twists and turns — the last thing you need is another thing keeping you up at night.

Insurance for Fitness Centers

CrossFit Gyms

Tomins understands that the life of a CrossFit trainer or gym owner is full of unexpected twists and turns—the last thing you need is another thing keeping you up at night. That’s why we take the time to understand each business we serve to make sure we’re delivering a policy that makes sense for their unique needs. 

Insurance for CrossFit Gyms



Lessors risk only or LRO insurance is one of the most important coverages a commercial landlord can carry Unlike most other online commercial landlord insurance providers, Tomins is powered by Higginbotham and backed by a team of seasoned insurance experts.

Insurance for Commercial Lessors




At Tomins, we take the headaches out of Accountants insurance with our easy to use access portal and 24-hour a day access, freeing you to focus on what really matters – growing your business. Because you deserve an insurance partner who works as hard as you do.

Insurance for Accountants



Concrete Contractors

Working as a Concrete Contractor is a risky business. From the threats created by other contractors on the job site to the potential for negligence carried by every employee and subcontractor you work with, there are countless threats that threaten your bottom line daily.

Insurance for Concrete Contractors




From milling to mashing to fermentation, each step of the process of making spirits carries unique risks. Tomins understands that the insurance needs of a Distillery are a far reach from the needs of the other businesses we serve. That’s why we craft our distillery insurance with the same level of care that you put into producing your spirits.

Insurance for Distilleries

Home Inspectors

Not only are real estate agents among the most likely professions to get sued in the United States, but the likelihood of professionals they work with being named in a lawsuit is also high. You’ve worked too hard building your Home Inspecting business to let a coverage gap force you out of business.

Insurance for Home Inspectors


From a busted sprinkler head to an injury on the job, Landscaping can be a pretty risky business. You’ve worked too hard to let something like an uncovered loss threaten the wellbeing of your business. Because the last thing you need is one more thing keeping you up at night.

Insurance for Landscaping Businesses


Malpractice Insurace

If you work as an attorney or run a medical practice, you’re likely well-aware of the importance of malpractice insurance. While nobody likes to think they will make a mistake in their work, Murphy’s Law tends not to discriminate.

Malpractice Insurance

Get trusted coverage for any business situation, even the highest risk. Get the right quotes and policies with clarity into your coverage anytime. Tomins — the right business insurance choice.

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